The World of Thermal & Cross Country Flying beckons you & me

Only few are blessed with the ability of seeing the invisible & we as Paragliding pilots are among those lucky few who ride & surf on the invisible. We are also blessed to soak in the stunning landscapes of earth’s beauty with a bird’s eye view. These feelings become very evident and profound when we […]

Cross Country & Thermalling Workshop – Story of a 109km flight in Bir, Billing HImachal.

Xc & Thermalling Workshop Our day began with Badari showing us his newest toy, and all of us became kids again wanting to fly the drone.Then began the workshop. A beautiful initiative by our Senior club pilot Viz (Vistasp Kharas) about his epic 109km XC Flight in the Himalayas. He shared valuable information about intricacies of cross […]


TEMPLEPILOTS BILLING PARAGLIDING TOUR DAY 1 – A thunderous welcome with towering clouds, pouring rain and hail. We were on take off with some of the biggest umbrellas in the world but to no avail. Chaachu’s tiny chai shop on launch was stacked with around hundredor so people, pilots and Trekkers combined. Cleared up, it […]