Maldevta Paragliding Festival , Dehradun Uttrakhand.

A 2nd edition of Maldevta Paragliding Festival , Dehradun Uttrakhand. A Three day event organized by Himalayan Aerosport Association along with BSF was a fun aero-sports festival with lots of flying, tandem joyrides, hot air balloon rides, powered paraglider flying and drone flying. Festival also hosted it’s second Paragliding Accuracy competition with 57 national and […]

The World of Thermal & Cross Country Flying beckons you & me

Only few are blessed with the ability of seeing the invisible & we as Paragliding pilots are among those lucky few who ride & surf on the invisible. We are also blessed to soak in the stunning landscapes of earth’s beauty with a bird’s eye view. These feelings become very evident and profound when we […]

Day 4 : SIV

The Grand Finale – Stalls, Spins & Reserve Parachute Deployments. Most SIV pilots are now comfortable with doing a full stall, hold the wing in tail slide (back fly) for a bit and then ease off to a punchy dive & a safe Recovery. Karthik,  Sajid, Imran, Alok, Imad & Instructor Jitu are glad to […]

Day 3 : SIV

High Octane n Adrenaline Sky Stunts Party – all the pilots are pretty pepped up, in a high stress course like the SIV, the pilots body pumps a complex mixture of extremely powerful chemicals into the bloodstream, with adrenaline in the lead. The brain starts to overdose as the stress levels increase. Google on the […]