Day 4 : SIV

The Grand Finale – Stalls, Spins & Reserve Parachute Deployments. Most SIV pilots are now comfortable with doing a full stall, hold the wing in tail slide (back fly) for a bit and then ease off to a punchy dive & a safe Recovery. Karthik,  Sajid, Imran, Alok, Imad & Instructor Jitu are glad to […]

Day 3 : SIV

High Octane n Adrenaline Sky Stunts Party – all the pilots are pretty pepped up, in a high stress course like the SIV, the pilots body pumps a complex mixture of extremely powerful chemicals into the bloodstream, with adrenaline in the lead. The brain starts to overdose as the stress levels increase. Google on the […]


SIV is an intense course that demands pilots to push their limits both physically and mentally. They are exposed to high G- forces and high stress levels while performing instability maneuvers to better understand glider behavior and learn to react correctly in extreme situations. The action is heating up and everyone is buzzing with a […]

SIV & Acro Warm up

I generally pick up pace while walking towards the take-off on Tower Hill. It was a beautiful morning, the forecast promising sortable winds and the bushes & the leaves showing all the signs of strong winds. I wanted to practice some stalls to warm up for the upcoming SIV/Acro Course in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh followed […]