Paraglidng Season Begins in Kamshet 2019-2020 – Free your Spirit

Every New Flying Season has its own theme…this year we are excited to announce our theme for 2019-2020 Templepilots Flying Season – FREE YOUR SPIRIT
Calling all flying enthusiasts to join us in the Skies after a long monsoon…shake yourselves up and fly with us!

Free Your Spirit

Free your spirit

Grace, beauty and abundance is what we feel in Nature.
and its our playful nature that longs for wings to fly.

its when we fully embrace the adventure called life,
when we challenge ourselves and truly aspire,

its then that we explore and begin to discover,
the miracle and magnificence that is always around,

its like when the wave falls and discovers itself to be the Ocean,
like the Sky that affectionately allows all as the weather,

its when we forget ourselves and play like children again
that we set our Spirits free again,

Come Fly,
~ Avi Malik

Season Begins