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Himalayan High

Rated among the top ten flying sites in the world, Bir offers the most spectacular flying in the lower Himalayas. If you are a pilot or wish to be one then flying here is a must. Wide valley floors and classic cross-country routes like Dharamshala and back – 90kms. Bir has everything for a beginner XC pilot to the most avid adventure pilot. To fly here is what you learn paragliding for and it's a dream come true for any pilot.

From mastering your thermalling technique to doing your maximum distance flying, Bir has the most breathtaking of views. Set in the Kangra Valley of the Dhauladhar range of the lower Himalayas, Bir is a small Tibetan village settlement surrounded by various monasteries. There are plenty of small hotels to accommodate pilots but one does need to book in advance during the peak season.

Temple Pilots regularly plans tours to Bir/Billing during the top season for pilots of different skill & experience level.

Discovery, Thermalling and Cross Country Courses - Time Period – October & April

A. Discover Himalayas - 3 Day Course
Pilot Eligibility - APPI Adventure Pilot License + Advance Kiting Clinic

B. Thermalling/XC - 4 Day Course
Pilot Eligibility - APPI Pilot License + Basic or Advance SIV Course