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Neither Tomorrow. Nor yesterday! - Avi Malik



Kamshet (The original name "Karmakshetra" which means the land of your karma) is a small township located on the old Mumbai - Pune highway (NH-4). The hills along this route are dotted with ancient cave temples of the Buddhist monks, medieval hill fortresses of the brave warriors and colonial hill stations that often double up as flying sites. Kamshet is 110 kilometres from Mumbai city & 45 Kms from Pune, the town more famous for OSHO-(the renowned spiritual maestro) and the Rajneesh Ashram. The new expressway between the two cities makes transportation very convenient.


Kamshet, as was the intent of its discovery, is the top destination for learning to fly. The Sahyadri range is very friendly in terms of its topography, there are easy takeoffs at most flying sites in the region. The hills are not very high and offer large and ample landing areas very important for beginners and novice pilots. We have several training and advance level flying sites in the area around Kamshet. Most are within a radius of 10 km's and easily accessible. Few are privately owned and need permissions (which we have) and others are free for all.


The weather is so reliable that we can run courses regularly and club pilots can be confident of flying on all of their weekend outings. One can enjoy both pure ridge and dynamic flying here. One can develop great strong wind flying and ground handling skills as the wind is 20+kmph on average. Both the easterlies from October to February and westerlies from March to June make for both smooth and dynamic flying conditions.

Kamshet Flying Sites:

As founders of Kamshet, we get the immense joy that it has today become the hub of paragliding in India. We feel proud to see it on the paragliding world map. Eight months of reliable and predictable weather conditions make it the most sought after and most popular flying site in the country. Winter months ( October to February) offer dynamic thermic conditions and Summer months (February to May) allow for dynamic ridge soaring conditions. Large landing areas and medium altitude hills and ridges make Kamshet ideal for learning paragliding and fun flying.

Temple Pilots home base offers beginner to advance level training. Here’s a step by step layout of training courses you can choose from:

1. P1 - Beginners Introductory Course. Duration - 3 Days
2. P2 - Novice Course. Duration - 4 Days
3. Certification and Club Pilot Rating Course - 4 Days.
NOTE - At the successful completion of this course you will be awarded your International Pilot Card.
4. Advance Kiting Clinic. Duration - 4 Days
5. Progression Course. Duration - 4 Days ( You need to be Club Pilot Rated)
6. Thermalling/XC Tour (Bir/Billing,Himachal) - 3 +2 Days( Club Pilot Rated)
7. SIV/XC Tour (Pokhara, Nepal) - 3 + 2 Days (Club Pilot Rated)
8. Coastal Clinic (Bali,Indonesia) - 3 Days (Club Pilot Rated)