Paragliding in Bali : Bali Bliss 2019

BALIBLISS 2019, DAY 1 & 2 – We’re the happiest when we are at play. Most joyful when we are holidaying with friends & can be childlike again. Instructional Tandems for first timers, then hours of soaring on the stunning Bali cliffs, entertaining dine-outs, unending flying talk, endless pilot chatter, beach Landings, loads of fun & non stop laughter.

Two flying days – 29 solo flights, 12 Tandem Flights, 36 Hours of Airtime with 15 very happy Club Pilots. An abundance gladdens our souls, an inner oneness unites our hearts, our aspirations give us wings & an unconditional freedom becomes us.

We fly, but….never to land ❤️

BALIBLISS 2019, DAY 3 & 4 – Bali pilots are aiming 2/3 hour flights now & doing it. Day 4 & we’re touching 100 Hrs collective airtime already within 65 total solo flights so far.
The new take-off at Gunung Payang has been a blessing in many ways. There have been over a 110 pilots competing at Timbis in an Accuracy Championship that gets over today.

BALIBLISS 2019, DAY 5,6 & 7 – Bali Flying not only offers low airtime pilots loads of Airtime giving them comfort & confidence in the air but also matures them in flying good lines, contouring, altitude & traffic management & flying more efficiently.
Dolphins (pitch control exercise), 360’s & big ear reversals further help them understand glider dynamics better. Strong wind take-Offs, Top Landing precision & beach landings are other solid take aways that are precious skills for any all round competent pilot. All the Bali pilots will have formed a solid foundation to make the most of their Thermalling/XC & SIV Courses in October 2019.

30 Club Pilots, 150 Solo Flights & 160 Hours of Airtime so far & the fun, the learning’s & the adventure continues. It is only through challenging experiences that we can hope to transform & transcend our limited selves & evolve into our truer & immeasurable selves.

BALIBLISS 2019; DAY 8,9 & 10 –

The Conclusion – The Final day of the Tour & that is 10 consecutive fantastic flying days in Bali. Sea breeze from the Indian Ocean served us like clockwork & we can’t be more grateful for the flying conditions we got. What a treat, what exhilaration & what drama with two tree landings & pilots getting away without a scratch.

2017 : Club Pilots – 30, Solo Flights – 230, Total Airtime – 220 Hrs

2018 : Club Pilots – 34 Solo Flights – 193, Total Airtime – 169 Hrs

2019 : Club Pilots – 30, Solo Flights – 215, Total Airtime – 242 Hrs *(Bali Tour Record)

The group dynamics led pilots to go beyond themselves & create a vibe that let everyone relish & celebrate their true being, freedom & togetherness.

Make sure you join us next year, we’re planning a 50 Club Pilots Gala “#BigBALIBLISS2020” a TP Flying Fest like never before.

Big Thanks again to all Bali Pilots, Thankyou for all the love !

P.S – The Bali Painting is done by Club Pilot Vrun Singh’s mother. Salutations & compliments & many thanks from us all. It’s a masterpiece !!