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This course is designed to make you comfortable under your wing where you learn about glider dynamics in the air and learn the skills to best fly your wing now in more challenging conditions. It opens the doorway for you to move confidently into the fascinating world of Thermalling & Cross Country flying - your First Solo Flight.
- Avi Malik


Duration: 4 Days
Rating: APPI Basic SIV Pilot

This course is designed for Club Pilots who have become comfortable with their general flying and for visiting Low Airtime pilots who are looking to advance their flying skills. This course will help you in understanding better the dynamics of your glider and vastly improve your Active Piloting skills.

The course includes exercises like dolphins, reversals, B-line stall, progressive spirals, wing over’s and top landings. Some of the exercises are only done over water which we do at a summer flying site but still, there's plenty to take from this course and we'll work on whatever areas the pilot needs attention and progress. The course is tailor-made to suit the level and experience of the pilot undertaking the course. We will further focus on the areas the pilot feels inadequate and needs to improve further.

Where do I reach at the end of the course... What Next?

This course will also better prepare for any of the advanced skills clinics, not only will you be more at ease but will get more value and learning out of those courses. It will prepare you for future flying and challenges. The newfound skills and knowledge will give you confidence in your own abilities as a pilot and you can confidently progress in your Cross Country (XC ) flying.