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Cross Country flying will forever remain a fascinating adventure. It is important to know that there is always more to know about flying & the weather than you will ever be able to absorb. Here we share all our experience of XC flying with you, fly XC routes alongside you & guide you in the air (air to air radio guidance). The idea is to equip you with excellent information, skill & techniques to continue enjoying your XC flying safely in the future - your First Solo Flight.
- Avi Malik

Thermalling / Cross Country Flying Clinic

Duration: 4 Days
Rating: APPI XC Pilot

This Course is designed for any pilot desirous of learning the art of Thermalling or wishes to improve his thermalling skills and fly cross country. The thrill of finding invisible thermals and then climbing in them will make you feel particularly fortunate. Playing with these powerful forces of nature will give you a new freedom to fly long distances. This will open new possibilities to get higher than ever before, taking your addiction to fly to the next level.

You will learn all about Thermal Flying – understanding the science of Thermals, Thermal Indicators, and triggers. Thermal Formations & Development, Thermal safety and Practical Considerations, Thermal Rules and Etiquettes, Canopy control in thermals, thermalling and coring techniques, Clouds and associated dangers, Reserve deployments and emergency landings.

The Instructors will fly alongside you marking the thermals for you and guiding you inside the thermals by guiding you, using their radios while flying with you. You will be provided with a Training Manual for the course and there would be extensive briefs and debriefs to maximize your learning along with film screenings on the subject.

Where do I reach at the end of the course... What Next?

Once you have mastered thermal flying the transition to cross country flying is relatively easy. Depending on your level and progress we will then be doing a guided XC flying tour